Delighted to announce that in May 2018 we commence construction of a modular 0 gauge end-to-end layout. Within our membership we already have 3 who model in 0 gauge plus another who operates a garden railway so they form the team designing and constructing this layout. Our hope is to attract new members who 'already model in 0' or 'would love to model in 0 if they had the space'.

Thanks ..... David Houghton

Secretary WDMRC

2nd May 2018

 Work started on the first of 5 modular boards which will make up a 22ft end to end layout 2ft wide. The aim is to build to exhibition standard. Each board is portable and can be taken home for addition work to be undertaken. A new member, Paul Rose - a Fine-scale builder of Gauge 1 locos, joins the group next week

29th June 2018

 Open Event Photo

  • July 2018(click for photos)
  • Baseboard Progress July 2018.pdf

  • Baseboard Progress July 2018.pdf

  • 12th September 2018 - First run on 0 gauge track

  • Visit regularly to see progress made!

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