The Guide to Modelling 

This is a free magazine we receive monthly and it is available all over the country from exhibitions and shops. We became a distributor on the understanding that we supply copies to the club at Brine Leas School. In November our secretary took the latest edition away on holiday and it has now been photographed in foreign parts:-

It was then donated to the library on board the cruise ship Marella Discovery to see if anyone else will photograph it as it continues it's travels across the seas beyond Jordan. If any arrive by e-mail they will be posted here.

Should you wish to collect a copy, want a back-issue or have one delivered locally let us know.

9th August 2018 

August 9th 2018 was the day we lost one of our co-founding members Norman Oldfield aged 83 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with his widow Yvonne, their children and grandchildren at this time. During his varied employment and living locations he had been a ticket collector and signalman on the West Somerset Railway. He was however a staunch LMS man and his model railway reflected these loyalties. The club had assisted during their down-size last year when several of his locos were sold ahead of their move to Nantwich. Poor health prevented regular attendance but his input and contribution was always invaluable.

20th April 2018 

We are sorry to announce the passing of Peter Wagstaffe following a lengthy struggle with illness. He was 87 and well known in Whitchurch where he had been mayor and former President of the Rotary club. He was also a driving force within the Waterways Trust. Locally he had worked at Truefoods on the industrial estate in Wrenbury. Our sympathies go to his family, particularly Andrew who had enabled Peter to attend as recently as the 28th of March.


The family are delighted that Peter will have a permanent memorial on the club layout:-

  • Visit to Pete Waterman in October 2018
  • Installation of new hoist photos
  • New hoist fitted 17/0816. Since the club was formed the only way a layout could be stored in the Village Hall was to have one lowered and raised 'drawbridge style'. We installed a t/railer winch which had ample capacity but as each week we add weight to the two layouts it was becoming harder to physically raise the layouts at the end of each meeting. Members were needed to add extra muscle to the efforts of the winch. Earlier this year we were given a wire binding machine to either use or convert into cash. The cash raised covered the cost of a replacement electric hoist which has been modified by Pete Hollinshead to serve our needs. One modification being twin rollers on top where the two braided lines feed into the hoist. This keeps the two lines apart meaning they feed onto the drum evenly. An afternoon session by 7 members removed the old hoist and it's fixings, prepared the wall and new fixings so by 7.16pm the Beast had been fitted and the fixings tested (see photo). At the end of our meeting the layouts were raised without any problems and concluded with a burst of applause. In future the lowering and raising can be carried out by just two members..................but done safely.

    (Editor's note - Pete Hollinshead demonstrates the new International Standard for Fixings Testing!!)

    Held in Nantwich town square each year, the Societies Event allows groups, charities and clubs to promote themselves to potential new members. The club took and ran it's portable N gauge layout and the first of the Modular 00 Boards on which we demonstrated DCC locos with sound chips to the amazement of many on-lookers. Free magazines and leaflets were distributed.
  • Village Hall Open Doors event 29th Sept 2018 where we ran the basic 00 & N gauge layouts.
  • Nantwich Societies Event July 2018
  • Open Doors June 2018 Photographs
  • Nantwich Societies Event July 2017
  • Open Doors June 2017 Photographs
  • March 2017 visit by Brine Leas School MRC
  • Following the visit by the school in March this year 2 articles were published in national magazines, one lead to a gift from Bachmann of Woodland scenic materials that the school can use on various projects.
  • July 2017 Brine Leas School MRC visit
  • Visit to Pete Waterman in April 2016
  • Open Doors July 2016 Photos 1
  • Open Doors July 2016 Photos 2
  • Open Doors July 2016 - "The Italian Job" **NEW**
  • Visit to Pete Waterman in October 2015
  • Open Doors July 2015 photos 1
  • Open Doors July 2015 photos 2
  • Club Stand Photos
  • August 2014 Press Coverage
  • April 2014
  • Village Hall Open Doors event 29th Sept 2018 where we ran the basic 00 & N gauge layouts.

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