Modular Board Project

    This is our first Modular Board constructed to the NMRA BR standard whereby compact boards can be constructed, stored and completed by individuals at home but link together both physically & electrically to form a large layout. The concept has been widely used in America and Canada where distance prevents club members from meeting weekly. Using this method they meet perhaps once a month to create a large working layout.
    In the UK this method has become more popular where individuals have limited space to create their own layout at home but can now be part of a larger layout at club meetings. Some also build a modular section into their layout at home, then unplug it and take it to their club meetings giving them the best of both worlds. Additionally some clubs struggle to find a venue where they can construct and store a layout - our club struggled for 2 years before we found our home in the village hall so we fully understand the frustration this causes. Now individual members can take home their own 48inch x 20 section.

     Examples such as this can be found on-line:-

  1. YouTube video
  2. Modular Railways Google Search

  3. This first board  (See Here)  has been constructed by Pete Hollinshead and is designed to use as a stand-alone demonstration board as well as a modular board to connect to the club layout. For this reason he has added as much track as possible to show how much can fit into such a small area. It still retains the principal of 2 through tracks as described in the above standard. He has added a slide-out panel for the point switches complete with direction indicator bulbs. As a stand-alone unit it can operate either DC or DCC locomotives by switching power source. 
    More photos will be posted as details are added:-

    Modular Link Board 

    Progress as at 20th November 2017 

    Progress during 2018 

    New Link Board (23rd March 2018)

Last  Updated  on 27th November 2018
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